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Lures for muskie fishing fall into three basic types: Crank Baits, Spinner Baits and Jerk Baits. There are many different models and colors available in most tackle shops.

There are a wide variety of fishing boats available. Some of the most popular ones are the all-purpose fishing boats, aluminum fishing boats, bass fishing boats, bay fishing boats, canoes, kayaks and drift fishing boats, catamarans, multihulls (that run with power), center console fishing boats, cuddy cabin fishing boats, deck fishing boats, and diesel motors. Some of the fishing boats that can be used for recreational purposes are fish and ski boats, flats fishing boats, inboard/outboard fishing boats, inboards and I/0, and outboard fishing boats. Luxury fishing boats include outboard whatis180 twitter, pontoon fishing boats, and sport fishing yachts.

Does the seller offer a warranty? 3 months? 6 months? Or if they don’t offer a warranty at all, you should seriously consider – why not? They obviously do not have much faith in the machines they are trying to sell you. If the machine does come with a warranty, check carefully what it includes. Do they charge extra for call outs as well as the labour? Do they use original parts or another brand?

Shutter lag trolling motors is most annoying if you are trying to take candid spontaneous photographs. That “perfect moment” is easily lost if you have to wait for the camera. One technique you can try is to start with your subject facing well away from the camera. Ask them to turn and face the camera when you call their name. The trick is to press the shutter as you call their name.

Yes the dog days of summer are certainly salt water trolling motors here and for most of us it just means adapting to the conditions. But for those who are still learning, here are some methods to help beat the heat for summer walleye fishing.

Early morning, evening, and night fishing can be extremely fulfilling (in terms of the FUN you have and the amount of big fish you CATCH). It all depends on how prepared you are for the trip. Here are some tips to make sure that you have an amazing experience, and catch a ton of big fish.

Purchase a dual action air pump – Coleman makes a very good one that is affordable. If you use an electric pump you will still need a foot pump. Inflatable boats this size need to get topped off with a foot pump for getting them very ridgid. Electric pumps are just not strong enough. Sevylor and Coleman make decent 12v pumps.

In conclusion I would like to recommend a brand of trolling motor that I have used for years. Minn Kota, in my estimation, makes the most reliable and quiet trolling motors that you can find. If you happen to be in the market for an electric trolling motor take a look at Minn Kota first. I think that you will be glad that you chose superior quality over a less expensive and most likely noisier model. Now go out and catch yourself some big trophy fish. But don’t forget to be quiet… it may make the difference between catching tiny fish and large trophy fish that you can be proud of.

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